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Release Date:
Japan: 1998
USA: 1998
Europe: 1998
Nintendo 64
Playstation Portable

Game Specs:
Mega Man Legends Mega Man was the first real step into the 3D world. The game was however a brand-new Mega Man and his quest for the so-called Refractors. We played all the time as Mega Man, and we saw him all the time from the rear, except when we ran to the sides or towards the camera.
The game was unique in that it could give Mega Man different upgrades and weapons. By accumulating the right parts and then give it to Roll it possible to build so-called Buster Parts, who upgraded his usual armkanon, or give him a new weapon in the right arm.
The game was also released to many different consoles. Two years after release for the PlayStation the game got released for the Nintendo 64, but under the title Mega Man 64.Since then it has also been released for the PC and PlayStation Portable.


World known as Terra is a planet covered almost entirely by water. With this, there is little remaining land area, which means that people living on small isolated islands. In order to keep civilization alive requires that they travel between the different islands, and they have built large airship to succeed.
The only thing that can help people continue to survive is the so-called Quantum Refractors. But these are hard to come by, and it requires much effort and courage in order to obtain them. Under water exists an entirely different world. This is a dark, ancient, mysterious and inhabited by dangerous machines known as Reaverbots.
These two worlds are connected by so-called Sub-Gates, usually small buildings with ladders and elevators that lead down into the underworld. There are dangers in abundance in the underground ruins, but they must be explored, because that is where people can get the highly coveted Refractors.
Those who dare enter the Reaverbots world to find Refractors are known as the Diggers. These Diggers are the world benefit seen with enough Refractors to sustain civilization. Diggers travel via airship, which can take them to the ruins anywhere in the world. However, consuming these airships many Refractors, so hunting them is constantly running.
Unfortunately, it is also so that there are people who are looking for Refractors for their own position, which also means that they steal from other successful Diggers. These people also use the airship to travel around and are therefore called for the air pirates.
Somewhere in the air, flying a small blimp forward, driven by Mega Man and Roll Casket. They've just visited a ruin and is about to leave when they suddenly have a problem with his engine. They realize they must make an emergency landing somewhere and since Kattelox Island is the nearest island of the map to control the sails in that direction.
The problem with the engine will be more severe the nearer the island they come, and it will result in the crash landing on the island. The police note that and are quickly on hand to ensure that all are undamaged. All have fortunately survived helskillnad, but the ship is very bad there yet. It will require much repair to make it able to fly again, and to complete the repair, they must get hold of Refractors, which means that Mega Man must explore the island for such.
Police invite Mega Man and the other to meet the island's mayor, but soon after, they submitted a report on the air pirates have been seen near the island, and they seem that they are also påväg against it. And it also says that they are in search of the secret tax that is hidden deep below Kattelox...
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