Here you can find detailed description about every character from the Mega Man Legends series.


Roll CasketRoll Casket - is the granddaughter of Barrel Casket. Her parents disappeared long ago when on a dig. She hopes to find them someday, or at least know what happened to them. She's 14, like Mega Man, and is a genius at machinery, as well as other things. She helps Mega Man as his Spotter on digs, and helps with his equipment.



Barrel CasketBarrel Casket - is a famous retired Digger. He now passes on his knowledge to Roll and Mega Man. He has raised both of them since they were babies.




Data - was found along side Mega Man by barrel, and has always been by his side. Mega Man is the only one who can understand this monkey's gibberish. (What it sounds like to other people)