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Release Date:
Japan: 2003
USA: 2003
Europe: 2003


Game Boy Advance


Game Specs:
Mega Man Zero 2 came just one year following its first installment in the series released. It builds on the storyline, but gameplay is basically the same.
New in this game is the fact that Zero can take various so-called modalities. It unlocks them if they meet certain criteria. These change the color of his costume, and also improves his abilities.
In addition, the player can, if zero is at A or S rank, learn a so-called EX Skill when he defeats a boss.


It's been a year since Zero closed the Neo Arcadia relentless persecution of Reploid. Since then he has spent his time by walking around in the wilderness, and fought against wave after wave of Neo Arcadia soldiers. He has been away from Ciel and the Resistance, and do not know how he should contact them. As long as he wanders through the desert, Andes thoughtfully on everything related to his past to make. After a while he is attacked by another wave of Neo Arcadia soldiers, and succeed not without its problems defeat them this time too. Exhausted by all the contrary, however, Zero collapses in the middle of the desert, but save for some inexplicable reason the Harpuia, Neo Arcadia's newly appointed leaders.
The base resistance has a new leader took over. Elpizo, a former officer of Neo Arcadia, which came out of their claws and allied with the resistance, which quickly led to him becoming their new leader. He talks about a "Operation Righteous Strike, which will weaken the forces of Neo Arcadia in their time of weakness now that X is from the road. Ciel, which is still a respected member of the resistance, but no longer their commander, appeals to Elpizo not to be too harsh in its military actions
Elpizo are gradually bearing with him, but is soon interrupted with the news that Zero is back. A soldier informs the group that Zero is unconscious outside the base. When well-Zero is conscious again, he slowly but surely up to date on current resistance status. The new base is completed, Elpizo has taken over at the controls and Ciel has renounced his role as captain and will instead continue his research for an alternative energy source.
She explains that the reason Reploid were discriminated against from the beginning was that there was an energy that makes impact. Ciel hope that by working with the Cyber-Elves, she will find a practical and already available source of alternative power, and thus undermine the reason behind the wars in the first place. Elpizo looks but not much credibility in this theory, and would rather hit against Neo Arcadia more directly.
To assist this, he asks Zero to assist resistance by performing a few guerrilla missions before Operation Righteous Strike can be performed. Since Zero has been gone for a while, he has no choice but to trust Elpizo in this case, and goes on to perform what he is asked to do. This despite the fact that Ciel appeals not to launch "Operation Righteous Strike, when it could have devastating consequences...
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