Here you can find detailed description about every character from the Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX series.


ZeroZero - is a legendary Hunter that has fought countless times against the Mavericks in an effort to bring peace between humans and Reploids. Since his last battles against Sigma alongside X, Zero felt that the best way to rid himself of the original Maverick Virus contained in his body was to seal himself away for 100 years. That time has past, Zero's mind is still in balance but his memories of the past are scratchy, and the new threat of the corrupt Neo Arcadia has Zero fighting for justice more so than ever, as he will continue to believe in fighting for good, despite his creator's original intentions. With the Maverick threat finally gone, Zero's abilities will increase throughout this adventure, but his mind and skill will be put to the ultimate test when he confronts the leader of Neo Arcadia's massive army.


CielCiel - is the brilliant human scientist who discovers Zero and pleads for his help in the war against Neo Arcadia. Her abilities and fighting spirit have made her one of the most vital assets to the Resistance movement, her role in the war will be crucial for the downfall of Neo Arcadia. Throughout Zero's adventure, Ciel will be constantly briefing him on new missions and objectives, she'll also give him hints along the way to further his progress. Without Ciel, the Resistance wouldn't have a chance, so Zero must trust her in every situation, although not all of her secrets will be known to Zero straight away..



XUnknown X - This unknown spirit will make more than one appearance in the game. Zero, neither Ciel, have no idea what this spirit is or it's purpose, but Zero will soon quickly realize that it is not something to fear, and could be a possible ally against Neo Arcadia. This being will watch over Zero's progress, but it will only reveal it's true identity once Zero rights the wrongs of Neo Arcadia.



Vent and AileVent and Aile - are the two main protagonists of Mega Man ZX. They use the powerful artifacts known as Bio metals to defend themselves and others from Mavericks. Vent means "Wind" in French, while Aile means "Wing" in French.

The first game doesn't make it clear whether or not Vent and Aile exist in the same timeline, or what their relationship is if they do. Neither one is ever seen or mentioned in the other's storyline; however, a promo movie for the game features both of them coexisting in the same timeline, and the game's English web site states they both work together at Giro Express. The site also says that Aile has "plenty of spunk to keep Vent on his toes", again suggesting they are in the same timeline. Their back stories are identical, and other than gender the main differences between them is different dialog in certain scenes, and very minor game play changes. Though the two never come in contact with each other within the story of either game, they are shown together (along with six of the other Mega Men) in Model A's data in ZX Advent.

GiroGirouette - who goes by Giro for short in the English version, is a character in the Mega Man ZX video game. He is the boss of Aile and Vent, and oversees his own business, named after him: Giro Express (Girouette Express in the original Japanese). Giro Express is a delivery service that will deliver "anything, legal or not" ("anything, anywhere" in the English version). "Girouette" means "weather vane" in French.



PrairiePrairie - is a character in the Mega Man ZX video game. Her name means "meadow" in French.

Prairie is the current leader of the defensive organization known as the Guardians, which was created by the people of the frontier regions; they are considered to be an unassociated private venture by Slither Inc. The Guardians take in people on a voluntary basis to defend Innerpeace areas and discover the cause of Maverick outbreaks. Their headquarters is the giant flying ship known as Guardian Base.

Prairie took command of the Guardians after the original leader (who was revealed as Ciel) went missing after an investigation of an Outlands area. At the start of Mega Man ZX, she hired the Giro Express to transport the Biometals Model X and Model Z.