Here is an information page for Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.

Release Date:
Japan: 2005
USA: 2006
Europe: 2006


Playstation Portable


Game Specs:
Mega Man Maverick Hunter X is a remake of the first game in the series. As the game is on PSP, the game has been redesigned with new graphics, enhanced sound and also little animated short films. Moreover, there is an animated short film that tells what happened before when the game takes place.
Apart from this it can, when you passed the game, unlock the X and Zero's rival, Vile. When done it may be able to play through the game as him, and thus use his powerful arsenal of different types of weapons.


The year is 21xx. Intelligent robots have been invented and are now living in the community of the world's population. Hundreds of researchers maintain robot's construction and labor, and thus sees that they have a long life. One of the principal researchers, Dr.. Cain, has studied the work of one of the foremost scholars of the past, Dr.. Light. During one of his excavations of an old ruined building can find Dr.. Cain, a secret well-capsule buried under the ruins. He realizes that this is one of Dr.. Lights inventions, and he'll find a detailed journal with the capsule, written by Dr. Light several years ago.
Record describes what the capsule is and what it contains. The capsule is a special robot, known only as 'X', an incredibly powerful robot able to think and take decisions for themselves - a true AI. But the journal also warns the reader, in this case Dr. Cain, the capsule may be opened only after X has been preserved in the in 30 years, this to ensure his reliability and safety.
Since 30 years have passed since a long time to decide Dr. Cain to open the capsule and release X. Once he placed him realize Dr.. Cain to X is beyond anything that people had ever seen. Since he is able to think, feel and control their own destiny X seems more like a human than a robot. Dr. Cain decides to use the X design and create their own robots, and soon has he produced the first 'Reploid', a robot of similar - but not quite identical - designs to X.
More and more so-called Reploid produced, but before you know it, exclaims an unlikely crisis. A strange virus has appeared as from nowhere and is capable of transforming Reploid the so-called Mavericks, which makes them go crazy and oppose the people. One of the strongest Reploid, Sigma, have been infected by the virus and begins to take control of all the Mavericks, with the intention to annihilate mankind.
X, which do not yet know why he created, knows that he must confront the Sigma and defend the people and Reploid against Mavericks. With him he has Zero, a mysterious Reploid whose past is a mystery, which is also ready to reduce Sigma and his Mavericks. And so begins a new war against the Mavericks rebellion and Sigma seemingly unstoppable force.
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