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Release Date:
Japan: 2004
USA: 2004
Europe: 2004


Playstation 2
Game Cube


Game Specs:
Mega Man X Command Mission is a RPG game with the blue hero in the lead role. It takes place sometime between X7, X8 and Mega Man Zero, but has no direct link to the story in full.
Command Mission is a turbaserat role play with a lot of unique features. You can always plan their next move and thus effectively work out the enemy with a well-planned tactics. Moreover, each character using the "Action Trigger, a sort of super-attack to overcome enemies.
In addition to this there is also a complete set of secret things to find in the game. There are secret weapons and items to find, but there are secret bosses waiting to be challenged.


The year is 22XX and the world has entered a new technological time. We've found a new substance, called Force Metal, in the debris of a small meteorite, and it has begun to use it to take Reploidtekniken one step further. It was a revolutionary discovery and it was not long before they built places where you could break the metal. Giga City, an artificial island in the middle of the ocean, was built only with the aim to break and melt the Force Metal.
Everything seemed to go according to plan, until one day when a group Reploid suddenly attacked the island. Their leader, Epsilon, was singled out directly as a Maverick by the Government, and to get help from the Maverick Hunters to liberate the island from Epsilon plans.
X, Zero and a new hunter named Shadow sent to Lagrano Ruins to inspect and hopefully find Epsilon, and thus stop him. When they arrive, they are separated immediately by a falling stone, and X have to get to the ruins on top of their own.
Once they reunited on the top of the ruins, they find even Epsilon. However, they find themselves at a disadvantage when Epsilon strongest associates also are in place. It turns out, however, quickly Shadow allied with Epsilon and betrays X and Zero.
Zero refuses to accept this and goes to attack, but is easily disarmed and nerkastad from ruin. X, which now stands completely alone against Epsilon and his lackeys, sees no alternative but to flee and throw himself down from the ruins. When he wakes up he is in New Hope, the government's headquarters.
He realizes immediately that he now faces his toughest mission ever. Epsilon is apparently looking for Force Metal, and must be stopped. But this time, X, as so often before, not to cope on their own and realizes that he must get help.
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