Here is an information page for Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge.
Release Date:
Japan: 2004
USA: 2004
Europe: 2004
Game Boy Advance

Game Specs:

Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge is a game that goes beyond the series limits, one can say. In this game you get a direct opportunity to play as a couple than Lan and MegaMan.Exe. Every couple has different reasons why they are in the tournament, but they have the same goal: to win.
The game is basically the same as before, though it is slightly different organized. This fight is more or less constant and there are few times you can explore what is happening around them.


The world has gone back to normal and nothing has occurred in a long time. Lan and MegaMan.Exe has not fought the virus for a while and getting sucked in a little battle. One day they may find out that a tournament called the Battle Chip Grand Prix has been opened.
Yai is sponsoring it, while the others may join, and Lan and MegaMan.Exe is not late to sign up. Dex sees this as a great chance to show his true strength, while Mayle just go with because it's fun. Although two new friends for Lan, Kai and Mayle, has joined.
Kai Lan admires above all else and want to be just as good as him. Mayle has agreed to show up for Chaud, as she is very fond of him. Chaud has also gone with him, but for quite different reasons.
The purpose of the tournament is the winner of the world's best Battle Chip users, but it seems to be a hitch in the tournament. It soon appears that a mysterious organization behind it, and it seems that they will steal for himself the winning NetNavins data and use it for themselves.
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