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Release Date:
Japan: 2001
USA: 2001
Europe: 2001
Game Boy Advance

Game Specs:
Mega Man Battle Network is a series that mixes basically everything that appeared in the other series. You control Lan Hikari in the real world and this series Mega Man, MegaMan.Exe, in the so-called cyber-world.
Lan man who runs around in cities and buildings and try to solve mysteries, while the MegaMan.Exe fight the evil computer virus that attacked network. And to defeat the viruses, one must use the 176 pieces of different Battle Chips which are scattered throughout the world.
Another thing you quickly notice is that bosses are remakes of all the bosses from the classic series, and in some cases from the X series.


The year is 20XX, and network technology has reached its absolute peak in society. People wearing now with so-called PET machines that assist them in everyday tasks. A PET is an advanced cell phone, then you can send mail, surf the net, and basically everything else you need in a technologically advanced age.
But this world is not without problems, but the new kind of network has been the victim of cyber-hackers who intends to unleash evil viruses on the network, hoping to cause chaos. To counteract this, use the official NetBattlers their NetNavis to defeat the viruses in the battle, which also led to much of the public have begun to install the software in violation of their own NetNavis.
Lan Hikari is a fifth-graders at ACDC Elementary. His NetNavi, MegaMan.Exe, is his daily companion, and the two have a lot of fun together. On the way to school, they encounter at the County friend, Mayle, and they discuss how the constant ugnsbränderna bothers town. Well in school Lan learns how to use their NetNavi in battle, and decides to try this more closely when he comes home.
Back home, he sees that a man is there and repair the family's stove. Lan does not care so much about it but go to her room and join the network to try to fight with MegaMan.Exe. After a while playing on the net, he suddenly interrupted by his mother screaming that the oven has started to burn!
Lan rushes down to the kitchen and immediately connects up to the oven networks. It turns out that Mr. Match, the man who was there and repaired the oven, have spread the virus in the oven, thus prompting it to start burning.
Totally without experience success MegaMan.Exe defeat FireMan.Exe, and Lan will then find out that Mr.. Match works for the WWW, a criminal organization who terrorize networks. Why they chose to attack all the city's furnaces remains unclear, but one thing is certain, the WWW has something big going on, and Lan and MegaMan.Exe will soon find out what...
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