Here is an information page for Mega Man Battle Network 2.
Release Date:
Japan: 2002
USA: 2002
Europe: 2002
Game Boy Advance

Game Specs:
Mega Man Battle Network 2 is the second installment in the series on Lan and his PET MegaMan.Exe. The game is basically the same as its predecessor, but introduces new bosses, a complete set of new Battle Chips, and even the so-called "Style Changes.
These sounds MegaMan.Exe take a new form. However, all these Style Changes own weaknesses, so you should have an ulterior motive behind what you should give him. Otherwise, the Mega Man Battle Network 2 in basically the same as the first game.


Three months have passed since Lan and MegaMan.Exe managed to defeat the evil WWW organization and their crime on the Internet. The world has entered into a peaceful time and everyone thought that the viruses on the network now would completely cease. But crime on the net has instead been given a proper excuse.
A new group of nšthuliganer, a mafia group called the Gospel has emerged and begun to threaten the network. They have somehow managed to revive the viruses as never before and this has led some countries have been financially ruined.
Therefore, the Official NetBattlers started to give those who have a PET chance to become City NetBattlers, a minor form of Official NetBattlers but just as important. Lan is not late to sign up and this gives him the opportunity to travel around the world, both in the real world and in cyber world.
He may soon find out that the Gospel is planning to use four very powerful computer program to construct a Super Navi with immense force. Lan will not let this happen and together with MegaMan.Exe he decides to end it all.
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