Here is an information page for Mega Man Network Transmission.
Release Date:
Japan: 2003
USA: 2003
Europe: 2003
Game Cube

Game Specs:
Mega Man Network Transmission is a game that tries to return to Mega Man's roots. But the game is still built like a Battle Network games in a clever way. It plays in other words, in classic 2D and check MegaMan.Exe through various locations on the network, while jumping, sliding and shoot down enemies with his armkanon in classic Mega Man spirit. But you can still use their Battle Chips in exactly the same way as in the usual Battle Network games.


After defeating the Life Virus is Lan and MegaMan.Exe gone back to their normal lives. But they have not even had time to begin to relax before they hear about a mysterious virus called "Zero Virus' that infects NetNavis and causing havoc via PET e-mail.
Soon, he receives an e-mail that Roll.Exe is stuck in the network, and can not get out. MegaMan.Exe purports to find her, and soon finds an infected FireMan.Exe who caused the problem.
then have been able to defeat him, they may find out that the vaccine actually will be used to remove the virus actually causes the opposite, and may NetNavis be mad.
Lan decides to search for her father to find out more, and together they give of themselves to try to resolve the problem. By defeating NetNavis they may soon find out that the WWW has something going on again.
They may also know that a powerful NetNavi named StarMan.Exe have distributed the virus created by a powerful NetNavi called Zero.Exe. Lan and MegaMan.Exe must stop him before something bad happens.
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