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Release Date:
Japan: 1990
USA: 1990
Europe: 1990

Game Specs:
Dr Wily just doesn't know when to quit. After tricking Dr Light into believing that his evil days were behind him, Dr Wily developed a new special robot designed especially for war. In his usual evil ways, he also created eight brand-new Robot Masters to finish Mega Man off once and for all. This time it seemed that Dr Wily would surely succeed in world domination, but Mega Man - along with his new robotic K9 partner Rush - had other things in mind, it was time Dr Wily was shut down for good. Most of the game is relatively difficult, you'll probably find certain sections quite hard, so be ready for a challenge. This time Mega Man can slide along the ground (Down + A), this move can also act as a ducking technique.


Dr. Wily turns from his former evil ways and begins helping Dr. Light once again. This time the two build, besides normal robots, a huge peace-keeping robot named Gamma. But their newest set of Robot Masters go berserk, and the two scientists really need eight power crystals buried deep in the robots’ domains. Mega Man is called in to fight through the hostile forces, stopping them and gaining possession of the crystals at the same time.

There is more here than meets the eye, namely—Proto Man! Mega Man’s “long lost” brother makes his reappearance in this game—the first time we as game players see him, though Dr. Light of course knows who he is. Proto Man was Mega Man’s prototype and the first robot Dr. Light built. He picked an especially confusing time in which to return, however, as Dr. Wily is rarely on the level... 
In Mega Man 3 you can slide. It comes handy quite a lot of times in order to dodge fireballs and dodging enemies faster. It's also useful because there are places that you can only get into by sliding.
Special Features:
Mega Man 3 introduces Mega Man’s greatly-misunderstood twin brother, Proto Man. It also features the debut of Rush, Mega Man’s robotic dog, and this is the first game in which Roll is actually named.
Picture Name Weakness Receive Mugshot
Magnet Man Magnet Man Mega Buster/Spark Shock Magnet Missile Magnet Man
Hard Man Hard Man Magnet Missile Hard Knuckle Hard Man
Top Man Top Man Hard Knuckle Top Spin Top Man
Shadow Man Shadow Man Top Spin Shadow Blade Shadow Man
Spark Man Spark Man Shadow Blade Spark Shock Spark Man
Needle Man Needle Man Gemini Laser/Shadow Blade Needle Cannon Needle Man
Snake Man Snake Man Needle Cannon Search Snake Snake Man
Gemini Man Gemini Man Search Snake Gemini Laser Gemini Man
Metal Man Metal Man Magnet Missile Nothing Metal Man 2
Quick Man Quick Man Gemini Laser Nothing Quick Man 2
Air Man Air Man Spark Shock Nothing Air Man 2
Crash Man Crash Man Hard Knuckle Nothing Crash Man 2
Flash Man Flash Man Needle Cannon/Gemini Laser Nothing Flash Man 2
Bubble Man Bubble Man Shadow Blade Nothing Bubble Man 2
Wood Man Wood Man Search Snake Nothing Wood Man 2
Heat Man Heat Man Top Spin Nothing Heat Man 2


Picture Name Weakness
Turtle Turtle Top Spin
Cyclops Cyclops Hard Knuckle
Mega Man Clone Mega Man Clone Search Snake
Dr Wily Dr Wily Part 1 Hard Knuckle
Dr Wily Dr Wily Part 2 Rush Jet
Dr Wily Dr Wily Part 3 Hard Knuckle
Dr Wily Dr Wily Part 4 Search Snake
Rush Coil Rush Coil:
You have this from the beginning of the game. When you use this item, Rush will appear in front of Mega Man and when you jump on his back he will spring Mega Man up to reach higher platforms.

Rush Marine Rush Marine:
You will receive this after defeating a certain boss. This will make Rush become a submarine in water and can carry Mega Man through the water areas of Gemini Man's stage. Be careful though, as once the energy bar runs out, the submarine will disappear.

Rush Jet Rush Jet:
You receive this when you defeat Needle Man. This allows Rush to become a flying sled which Mega Man can ride on to fly over dangerous areas or reach higher platforms. Similar to the Rush Marine, as you fly on Rush the energy bar will slowly run out.
Mega Buster Mega Buster:
The Mega Buster is Mega Man's primary weapon. You will have this weapon from the start of the game. This weapon can cause damage to most enemies encountered in the game.

Magnet Missile Magnet Missile:
This weapon fires out small magnets which will fly towards an enemy and cause damage. The magnets will also home-in on certain enemies.

Hard Knuckle Hard Knuckle:
This fires out a large missile shaped like a fist. It will slowly gain speed and can damage more than one target.

Top Spin Top Spin:
Jump and press fire to use this weapon. Mega Man will spin around in the air and can cause damage to any target that touches him.

Shadow Blade Shadow Blade:
This weapon will fire out a large star-shaped shuriken that will travel a small distance from Mega Man and will then return to him. It can cause damage to any target that touches the projectile.

Spark Shock Spark Shock:
This will fire a small electric spark ball that will fly across the screen until it hits something. This can cause damage to most enemies.

Needle Cannon Needle Cannon:
This fires small needles that can be fired rapidly and will damage anything the projectiles strike.

Search Snake Search Snake:
This fires out a small snake which will land on the ground and will crawl along the floor and walls until it hits an enemy. This can be used to hit enemies high up on a wall.

Gemini Laser Gemini Laser:
This weapon fires a blue energy beam which will bounce off walls and ceilings until it hits something. This weapon is effective against most enemies encountered.
Final Passcode:

Super Jump:
Hold right on controller two and Mega Man’s jumps will almost touch the top of the screen!

Slow-mo Mode:
Hold up on controller two for slow motion. (Actually, it’s really only the animations that are slowed down.)

Time Stop:
Hold up and A on controller two to freeze most robots in their tracks—including Mega Man. (You won’t be able to move unless you jump first. But you can still fire your arm cannon, which is why this is such a useful trick.) Note that robots in motion will usually continue to move, but you can use this to freeze most of the Robot Masters during at least one stage of their attack. Then you can fire away at the helpless robot for an easy victory!

Jump/Stop Combo:
Hold up, right, and A to freeze the action and give you the super jump!

Invincibility from Bottomless Pits:
If you happen to fall in a pit, quickly press right on controller two and the jump button on controller one to jump out—even after you hear the “death” sound effect! You’ll have to play the rest of the stage without music, but it’s worth it to save your skin!

Navigate Bottomless Pits:
Hold right on controller two, then jump into a bottomless pit. Keep that button down while you move left and right using controller one. You can slide through the pit safely avoiding anything up above. When you’re ready to leave, press jump on controller one to get out. There are a couple of catches to this, though—one, if you stay down there too long, you’ll die; and two, sometimes Mega Man takes damage down there. Still, it’s a useful trick to get past those long bottomless pits without using Rush Jet.

Zombified Mega Man:
Here’s a really interesting one to try. While holding right on controller two, jump into a pit. Now hang out down there until you hear the “death” sound effect and your energy meter plunges to zilch. When this happens you must jump out immediately or Mega Man will perish.
Once you are out of the pit, you can journey on with absolutely no energy. No robots will be able to damage you. The disadvantage is you can’t fire your arm cannons (Mega Man no longer has enough energy to do that!), but you are allowed to fire all the Master Weapons you’ve obtained (which run off their own energy supply)—including Rush—which means you’ll be able to defeat the stage boss with no problem!
One final note on this trick: any energy you pick up will cure Mega Man’s “zombie” state by restoring some of his health. He will be able to fire again, but he will also be able to die. An Energy Tank will also do this to him, in case you need to be able to fire again. Weapon energy will not, so you can safely charge up your weapons like normal and still be “zombified.”

Turn a Weapon Energy Capsule Into Rush Jet/Marine:
First, find a weapon energy pellet or capsule (a capsule would be better as you’ll get more energy for it.) Now, go to your sub screen. If you want Rush Marine, point to the Spark Shooter; if you need Rush Jet point to the Shadow Blades. (You therefore must have these weapons for this trick to work.) Now press right. Rush will appear, wagging his tail. Press A or START. Pick up the energy capsule.
Although the chosen mode won’t appear on your weapons list until you either use it or get it for real, you can now use Rush in this new form. Also, you’ll have to fill up its energy before it will be of much use, but this can get you out of some tight spots!

Whacked-Out Level:
Use the super jump listed above to enter the screen in Gemini Man’s level where Proto Man appears. If you position yourself correctly, you will fall straight through the block that Proto Man lands on, before he even blows it up. I hear this will cause his whistle to extend and goof up the graphics for the rest of the level, although I’ve not tried it myself.

Longer Whistle:
I’m told that if you open the subscreen with just the right timing when Proto Man is making an appearance, you can hear more of his whistle than what plays normally. I haven’t tried this, but my guess is this extended whistle is identical to the one which plays during the ending.

Go to the weapons screen, then hold up and A on controller two as you exit the subscreen. Mega Man will get frozen in his faint-warp state and cannot be harmed! This isn’t really useful because you can’t do anything while phased, but it’s a pretty neat trick. (Try it while fighting the Yellow Devil!) Its greatest asset is its use in the trick below...

Longer Ending:
After beating the game, hold up and A on controller two during the time that Dr. Light is telling Mega Man, “I discovered you lying here when I came in. I wonder who...” Then, keep holding these buttons down! The ending will continue like normal until Mega Man tries to teleport out of the lab. At this point, because you are holding down the freeze buttons, he will get stuck in his teleport stance and nothing will happen. The music will continue to play, and you can sit there and listen to it as long as you keep those buttons held down. Try this, as the ending music is actually about two times longer than what you normally hear—and it gets pretty wild too!
Mega Man defeats Gamma and Dr. Wily falls to the ground, begging for mercy. (I guess I don’t have to mention that part all the time...) But Gamma was a huge robot, and its destruction pretty much destroys the lab. The ceiling falls on both Mega Man and Wily (though this scene is a little generic—the blocks are shaped perfectly and they just happen to fall right on their targets...oh well...). Then a shadowy form (like we can’t guess who it is) drops down, freeing Mega Man. “Where’s Dr. Wily?” he asks the dusty air. Had the scientist escaped, leaving Mega Man for the dead? “Oh no, too late....”

When Mega Man comes to, he’s back in the lab and Dr. Light is leaning over him. “I found you lying here when I came in,” the scientist explains. “I wonder who—” He breaks off as Proto Man’s characteristic whistle rings through the air. Yep, Mega Man’s rescuer was that mysterious red guy.

We then see Mega Man walking outside the lab. We also see Dr. Light’s old invention notebook, which reveals that he created Proto Man and that the two are brothers. Mega Man stops and looks up; there’s an image of Proto Man in the sky. There’s also this weird eye flying by a tree. I think it’s supposed to be Wily’s saucer, proclaiming ahead of time that he actually survived...