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Release Date:
Japan: 1993
USA: 1993
Europe: 1993
Game Boy

Game Specs:
After escaping from Mega Man during his previous plot for world domination, Dr. Wily has rebuilt eight of his Robot Masters Mega Man's crushed before and sent them around the world. Mega Man must now head out to stop Wily's new plans, but along the way he'll be aided once again by his trusty partner Rush and Beat, the flying robot bird. Dr. Light's invented a new machine to create special items for Mega Man, giving him stronger abilities while taking on Wily's robots. You'll also find Eddie in certain stages waiting to give Mega Man powerups.

In-Game Intro:
Dr. Light: Mega Man, Dr. Wily has sent his most powerful robots across the world. To combat them, I have invented a new machine to make power items for you. But to make the items, we need to use special energy items called P Chips. Collect as many P Chips as you can and bring them back to the lab. The more chips you collect, the better the item I can make for you.


Things are going fine for the first annual Robot Master Expoóuntil Dr. Wilyís saucer flies by and remotely reprograms some of the robots in the display cases!
Mega Man happens to be visiting the expo at the time of the attack, but to Wilyís shock, the evil scientistís new miniature Remote Controller has no effect on the blue bomber. Since Mega Man is right there to see the turmoil, he jumps right into action to stop Wily.
The game takes you through a quest to stop the reactivated Robot Masters. It also introduces Ballade, Wilyís newest creation. In the end, though, Ballade turns out to not be all that he seems.
Picture Name Weakness Receive
Toad Man Toad Man Mega Buster/Ring Boomerang Rain Flush
Bright Man Bright Man Rain Flush Flash Stopper
Pharaoh Man Pharaoh Man Flash Stopper Pharaoh Shot
Ring Man Ring Man Pharaoh Shot Ring Boomerang
Cannon Cannon Any Weapon Nothing
Ballade Ballade Any Weapon Nothing
Crystal Man Crystal Man Mega Buster/Charge Kick Crystal Eye
Napalm Man Napalm Man Crystal Eye Napalm Bomb
Stone Man Stone Man Napalm Bomb Power Stone
Charge Man Charge Man Power Stone Charge Kick
Ballade Ballade Power Stone Ballade Cracker
Large Cannon Large Cannon Any Weapon Nothing
Eye 1 Eye 1 Mega Buster/Rain Flush Nothing
Eye 2 Eye 2 Any Weapon Nothing
Dr. Wily Core Dr. Wily Core Power Stone Nothing
Dr. Wily Head Dr. Wily Head Ballade Cracker Nothing
Dr. Wily Dr. Wily Ballade Cracker/Pharaoh Shot Nothing
Rush Items:
Rush Coil Rush Coil:
You'll receive the Rush Coil once Toad Man's finished. When you use this item, Rush will appear in front of Mega Man to spring him up to larger heights.

Rush Jet Rush Jet:
You receive this when you defeat Charge Man. This causes Rush to appear and transform into a flying sled. Jump on to fly straight ahead over dangerous areas. Rush'll disappear once he runs out of energy or collides with something.

Balad Cracker:
Once you defeat Ballade the second time, you'll receive this special weapon. The Ballade Cracker allows Mega Man to fire out a bomb in any direction. Once the bomb strikes something it'll explode.

Dr. Light's Lab Items:
Press Select on the stage select screen to visit Dr. Light in his lab. Here you'll be able to create items with P-Chips, but you'll have to first go out and gather them from defeated enemies in stages.
Small Energy Tank Small Energy Tank:
Cost: 20 chips
Four of these will create an Energy Tank.
Energy Tank Energy Tank:
Cost: 60 chips
Use this to fully refill your life energy once at any time.
W-Tank W-Tank:
Cost: 30 chips
This tank fully refills one of your special weapons.
S-Tank S-Tank:
Cost: 120 chips
This tank refills your life energy, as well as all your special weapons.
1-Up 1-Up:
Cost: 50 chips
Gives you an extra life.
Energy Balancer Energy Balancer:
Cost: 150 chips
This allows you to recharge the weapon with the lowest energy whenever you pick up a weapon refill capsule.
Full Charger Full Charger:
Cost: 100 chips
All of your special weapons are refilled fully.

Beat Icons:
Once you find all four icons spelling out Beat's name in the first four stages, you can use Beat as a special item. He'll fly around Mega Man and attack any enemy you come across.
B - In Toad Man's stage, you'll find it up on a ledge just after beating the giant snail.
E - In Bright Man's stage, you'll spot it in the area with the platforms that move in half-circle paths.
A - In Pharaoh Man's stage, you should see it clearly above the area with falling platforms. You'll need the Rush Jet to reach it.
T - In Ring Man's stage you'll spot it up on a platform where an enemy's rolling about.

Wily Icons:
The four Wily icons can be found in the second four stages. You'll need to find all of these before gaining access to Dr. Wily's Castle.
W - In Crystal Man's stage, when you see an open leading off right below one of the enemies that fires an ice drill, go through the opening to find the W.
I - In Napalm Man's stage, you'll eventually spot the I above a platform covered in fire. Use the Rain Flush to dowse the fire.
L - In Stone Man's stage, when you reach a point where you can slide left under a low platform or go right, head right to eventually find the L.
Y - In Charge Man's stage, you should easily spot this one later in the stage.
Mega Buster Mega Buster:
The Mega Buster is Mega Man's primary weapon. Starting off with this trusty energy cannon, the Mega Buster can fire off several energy shots at a time. You can also charge up the weapon by holding fire to shoot a stronger shot.

Rain Flush Rain Flush:
This weapon allows Mega Man to fire a small canister up into the sky. Once it disappears, it'll begin raining all over the screen inflicting damage on any enemies caught in the deluge.

Flash Stopper Flash Stopper:
This weapon freezes all enemies on screen. Once an enemy's frozen, Mega Man can fire his Mega Buster as normal.

Pharaoh Shot Pharaoh Shot:
This weapon fires a small burst of energy straight forward. You'll also be able to fire upward and downward directional shots, as well as a charge-up blast.

Ring Boomerang Ring Boomerang:
Mega Man shoots out a spinning ring projectile which returns to him if it strikes a wall or misses an enemy target.

Crystal Eye Crystal Eye:
This weapon shoots a large round crystal, which breaks up into smaller crystals if it strikes something. The smaller crystals bounce around for a while before disappearing.

Napalm Bomb Napalm Bomb:
This weapon shoots out a cylindrical-shaped bomb which bounces along the floor before exploding after a few seconds. The bomb can also bounce off walls.

Power Stone Power Stone:
This weapon creates three charged stones around Mega Man which fly outward and off the screen. Anything caught by the stones takes severe damage.

Charge Kick Charge Kick:
You'll have to slide along the ground to use this weapon. When Mega Man slides, he can damage enemies that touch him.
Final Passcode:

  A B C D E F
1     R R B  
2   E   R E  
3 B       E  
4   B R     B


The ending begins with Dr. Wily falling to the ground wearing a backpack, which he uses to help him escape. The place starts to blow up, so Mega Man tries to flee it. He escapes the space fort with Balladeís help, and then the game goes to cut scenes showing Mega Man fighting the Robot Masters in this game. Itís fun to watch the quick bitsóyou just have to see what he does to Stone Man! Another cool thing is they play Mega Manís theme song, but as in Mega Man 4ís ending, itís slowed down a lot and they donít play the entire thing. Oh well.
Once the demo is over, the music changes and you see the old-style drawing of Mega Man (the one used in Mega Man I and Mega Man II) standing (once again) on stars. Then the background fades in to reveal an open field with mountains in the background and a setting sun.