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Release Date:
Japan: 1992
USA: 1992
Europe: 1992

Game Specs:
The worst thing has happened... Dr Light has been kidnapped, and the culprit appears to be Protoman, Mega Man's robotic brother. He also created eight Robot Masters to prevent Mega Man from rescuing Dr Light, but this time Mega Man will gain additional help from Beat, a flying bird-robot once you find all the special MEGAMANV icons hidden throughout the game. It's hard to believe Protoman capable of committing this crime, but is it really him?

Intro Scene:
In the year 20XX AD... A vicious army of robots is bent on destroying the world!! And behind this destruction is... Protoman!?


Proto Man has turned evil? Well, actually, it’s not him—it’s a clone of him created by Dr. Wily to frame Mega Man’s red-clad brother. But the plan goes well for a while—even Mega Man is convinced that his own brother has turned against him for some unknown reason. That is, until the real Proto Man escapes and manages to reveal to Mega Man his clone’s true identity!
General Hints:
-Try using Beat in Proto Man’s (AKA Dark Man’s) castle, or any other places you find particularly annoying. The little attack bird is particularly useful when trying to navigate precarious jumps and obstacles.
-Use a Mega Tank when you have full energy and weapons, and when you exit the menu, all of the enemies on the screen will be transformed into 1-Ups! If there are no enemies on the screen when you attempt this trick, you will gain one life.
Special Features:
Capcom’s last few Mega Man games have fallen to the deceptive side, and this one is no exception. I believe this game is the one greatest at fault for everyone’s misconception that Mega Man’s brother is evil...
Picture Name Weakness Receive Mugshot
Stone Man Stone Man Mega Buster/Napalm Bomb Power Stone Stone Man
Charge Man Charge Man Power Stone Charge Kick Charge Man
Wave Man Wave Man Charge Kick Water Wave Wave Man
Star Man Star Man Water Wave Star Crash Star Man
Gravity Man Gravity Man Star Crash Gravity Hold Gravity Man
Gyro Man Gyro Man Gravity Hold Gyro Attack Gyro Man
Crystal Man Crystal Man Gyro Attack Crystal Eye Crystal Man
Napalm Man Napalm Man Crystal Shot Napalm Bomb Napalm Man


Picture Name Weakness
Robot Guard 1 Robot Guard 1 Water Wave
Robot Guard 2 Robot Guard 2 Crystal Eye
Robot Guard 3 Robot Guard 3 Gyro Attack
DarkMan Robot DarkMan Robot Star Crash
Spike Machine Spike Machine Crystal Eye
Sphere Robot Sphere Robot Gyro Attack
Dr Wily Dr Wily Part 1 Mega Buster
Dr Wily Dr Wily Part 2 Super Arrow
Dr Wily Dr Wily Part 3 Beat
Rush Items:
Rush Coil Rush Coil:
You have this from the beginning of the game. When you use this item, Rush will appear in front of Mega Man and when you step on him he will jump up and can allow you to jump from mid-air to reach higher platforms.

Rush Jet Rush Jet:
You receive this when you defeat Gyro Man. This allows Rush to become a flying sled which Mega Man can ride on to fly over dangerous areas or reach higher platforms. Be careful as if Rush hits a wall or ledge he will disappear.

Special Items:
Super Arrow Super Arrow:
You will receive this after defeating Star Man. This special weapon allows Mega Man to fire arrows that he ride on top of to cross over dangerous areas. They can also be used to climb up walls and damage enemies.

Beat - MEGAMANV Icons:
Once you find all of the eight icons hidden throughout the stages, you can use Beat as a special item. He will fly around Mega Man and attack any enemy you come across.
M - In Gravity Man's stage, at about the midpoint of the stage, you should see the M floating within one of the gravity-switching panels.
E - In Wave Man's stage, after you defeat the large robot while riding in the jet-ski, eventually as you continue on you should see the icon above the water. Jump up to reach it.
G - In Stone Man's stage, after passing the first two ladders, once you reach the third one, shoot the wall in front of it and slide through to find a hidden room with the icon.
A - In Gyro Man's stage, at the area with the green blocks that fall once you step on them, you should see the icon under one of the platforms. To get it, stand on the block above it and as soon as the block falls and you grab it, jump up to the platform and continue on before you fall in the hole.
M - In Star Man's stage, once inside the building, you should eventually see the icon just below some spikes in the ceiling. Jump up to reach it.
A - In Charge Man's stage, once inside the train you should eventually see the icon in front of one of the windows of the train. Use the Rush Coil to reach it.
N - In Napalm Man's stage, just before the second area underground, before the drop you should the the icon sitting on a ledge. As you drop down hold left to reach it.
V - In Crystal Man's stage, at the area with the long drop and the spikes you have to avoid, after falling down the first screen with spikes, hold left as you fall and on the next screen you'll see the icon floating in mid-air. Keep holding left to fall into it.
Mega Buster Mega Buster:
The Mega Buster is Mega Man's primary weapon. You will have this weapon from the start of the game. This weapon can cause damage to most enemies encountered in the game. You can also charge up the Mega Buster to release a stronger shot.

Power Stone Power Stone:
This weapon once fired will shoot out three large boulders that will move in a circular motion away form Mega Man and will cause damage to any enemy they strike.

Charge Kick Charge Kick:
To use this weapon, press down and then fire. Mega Man will slide forward with the weapon activated and can slide through enemies, causing damage to them but not taking any himself.

Water Wave Water Wave:
This fires out small bursts of water that will flow along the ground until they hit a wall or a target.

Star Crash Star Crash:
This creates small stars that rotate around Mega Man and once fire is pressed a second time they will fly out from Mega Man and cause damage to any target they strike.

Gravity Hold Gravity Hold:
This causes the gravity on the screen to reverse and can cause some enemies to fly up to the top of the screen and disappear. It can also cause damage to certain enemies.

Gyro Attack Gyro Attack:
This fires out a small propeller blade that continues flying straight ahead until it hits a target, causing damage.

Crystal Eye Crystal Eye:
This fires a large crystal ball straight ahead and if it strikes a wall it will break into three smaller projectiles and will bounce back in the opposite direction. This can allow you to hit some enemies from behind.

Napalm Bomb Napalm Bomb:
This fires out a small bomb that will bounce forward a short distance and will then explode, causing damage to any enemy nearby.
Final Passcode:

The Super Arrow:
The Super Arrow can be used to make steps up a wall, but it can also act as an Item-2. Fire an Arrow then quickly hop on before it starts moving, and you can ride it. The Arrow drains energy as it travels, but an interesting glitch (feature?) is it will not stop or vanish or anything when it runs out of energy. This means as long as you have enough energy to fire one, it will continue to travel until it goes off the screen or hits something. This means you can ride an Arrow as far as you can fly one. Try using it in place of Rush.
After Wily’s defeat, the entire ceiling (not just pieces this time) falls down, almost crushing Mega Man, Dr. Light, and Dr. Wily in one smooth blow. But Mega Man catches the entire thing and holds it up. Dr. Wily grabs his chance and escapes. Mega Man can’t move, and Dr. Light is stuck behind him.
A whistle comes...
Proto Man doesn’t actually appear, but you can tell he’s done something because part of the ceiling blows away, giving Mega Man and his creator just enough time and space to get out of there. The next scene shows them standing outside, watching as the castle crumbles to nothingness. Curiously enough, you can see Proto Man’s helmet in the corner of the screen—he’s standing with them. But right before the screen fades, he simply drops off the corner of the screen.