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Release Date:
Japan: 1992
USA: 1992
Europe: 1992
Game Boy

Game Specs:
Dr. Wily's at it yet again. This time his diabolical sheming has led him to take control of an oil rig off the northen coast. Intelligence suggests that he's using the platform to drill into the Earth's crust, eager to tap into the Earth's magma energy for his own uses. Using this energy, he plans to fuel his newest robot, giving it an almost endless power supply. Eight of Mega Man's old foes have been revived so it's up to Mega Man and Rush to defeat them again and stop Wily's plans. This time Mega Man's flip-top pal Eddie's along for the ride.
In this game you'll find a few more powerup items than the two previous portable games. As well as the traditional weapon/energy refill capsules and 1-Ups, you'll be able to find energy tanks which instantly refill your energy whenever you wish, you'll also encounter Eddie often who gives you random items during Mega Man's journey through stages.


Dr. Wily is discovered drilling for oil—and possibly some other power sources—in the middle of an ocean. Mega Man is called in to stop the evil scientist before he can put his newly-gathered energy sources to some devious use. (Frankly, looking at the game, I’m not sure if he ever gets around to it or not!)
Picture Name Weakness Receive
Snake Man Snake Man Mega Buster/Spark Shock Search Snake
Gemini Man Gemini Man Search Snake Gemini Laser
Shadow Man Shadow Man Gemini Laser Shadow Blade
Spark Man Spark Man Shadow Blade Spark Shock
N/A Giant Suzy Spark Shock Nothing
Dust Man Dust Man Mega Buster/Drill Bomb Dust Crusher
Skull Man Skull Man Dust Crusher Skull Barrier
Dive Man Dive Man Skull Barrier Dive Missile
Drill Man Drill Man Dive Missile Drill Bomb
Punk Punk Mega Buster Screw Crusher
N/A Giant Suzy Spark Shock Nothing
Dr. Wily Dr. Wily Part 1 Mega Buster (charged shot) Nothing
Dr. Wily Dr. Wily Part 2 Screw Crusher Nothing
Rush Items:
Rush Coil Rush Coil:
You'll receive this once Snake Man's defeated. Like the other games, the Rush Coil calls Rush down so that Mega Man can jump on his back and spring up to higher locations.

Rush Jet Rush Jet:
You receive this when you defeat Dust Man. This allows Rush to transform into a flying sled which Mega Man can ride on to fly over dangerous areas or reach higher platforms. Be wary of the time limit you'll have when using this.

Screw Crusher:
Gained from defeating Punk, the Screw Crusher allows Mega Man to throw a large spinning wheel. The wheel flies out and upward and tends to cause little damage, but you'll have plenty of shots before its energy runs out.
Mega Buster Mega Buster:
The Mega Buster is Mega Man's primary energy weapon. Always ready for Mega Man's use, the Mega Buster fires off small capsules of energy. You can also charge up this weapon to fire off a stronger blast.

Search Snake Search Snake:
This weapon can fire up to two small snakes at a time. The snakes will crawl along the contours of the floor and any walls in the way. They'll explode when they come in contact with enemies.

Gemini Laser Gemini Laser:
This weapon fires a powerful laser shot straight forward. If the shot hits a wall, it'll bounce off on at angle and reflect back. The laser can bounce off walls several times dissipating.

Shadow Blade Shadow Blade:
This weapon fires a small ninja-star blade which will fly out from Mega Man before returning to him if it doesn't strike anything. You can also aim the weapon in multiple directions.

Spark Shock Spark Shock:
This weapon shoots an electrified spark straight ahead. Not the strongest weapon, but it's effective against certain bosses.

Dust Crusher Dust Crusher:
This weapon fires out a small piece of junk metal, which splits into four different pieces once it comes in contact with something.

Skull Barrier Skull Barrier:
Unlike other weapons, the Skull Barrier creates a protective shield around Mega Man, but it'll disappear if a projectile or enemy comes in contact with the shield. Any enemies that touch the shield take damage.

Dive Missile Dive Missile:
This weapon fires a missile that can home in on enemies directly ahead of Mega Man. A few missiles might be needed to take down stronger enemies.

Drill Bomb Drill Bomb:
This weapon fires a drill-shaped bomb which explodes once it strikes something. Certain barriers can be blown open with these bombs, and you can set off the bomb remotely be pressing fire as it's flying ahead.
Final Passcode:

  1 2 3 4
A O      
B O   O  
C   O O  


In this game, Wily has a sea fort instead of a space one. It blows up at usual though (actually, it sinks into the ocean). Wily’s smoking saucer flies out and sputters for a bit, then falls into the water.
The game then shows a new close-up picture of Mega Man, featuring better shading and a four-frame walk animation. He walks along the black background until all of the robots have been shown above him. (Interesting note: This is the first game in which Eddie is named as such instead of being called Flip-Top.) Anyway, then Mega Man stops and looks up with a small smile, and the background fades in to show that he’s standing on a cliff overlooking a city. After a few seconds, the background fades back out and Mega Man is left standing on the dark sky.