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Release Date:
Japan: 2008
USA: 2008
Europe: 2008
Playstation 3
Xbox 360

Game Specs:
In 2008 came the announcement that every single Mega Man fanatics have been waiting for for years, Mega Man 9 is being developed. The news marked the beginning of a whole bunch of speculation about how the game would look like and in particular to whom or which consoles it was released to.
It was not long before the answer came, and one can not directly say that someone was disappointed with what Capcom had to show up. Instead of bringing Mega Man forwards went backwards, and made the game completely in 8-bit graphics, namely, the game looked exactly like Mega Man 1 through 6.
The game was a huge success, not only among the fanatics, but also interested in games in general. It got great reviews and very positive criticism, and some of the gaming world's leading game magazines and gaming sites gave it high marks. And it was not entirely Otippat, also named as one of the 2008 best games.
The game was never released in physical form, but could only be downloaded to the Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 via their respective online stores for a certain sum. However, Capcom was later a contest where you could win the game in great physical shape, nicely packaged in a classic old NES board, with a cover that resembled a compress for the first two games of the series.


The year is 20XX and the world can finally exhale after Mega Man has once again put an end to Dr. Wily's plans to take over the world. But then, as from nowhere, suddenly starts to robots to attack the world.
Mega Man and Dr. Light starts the news on TV, and Mega Man feel instantly recognizable robots and realize they are Dr. Lights creations. Shortly after Dr. dive. Wily top of the screen and says that he has nothing to do with this, but this is what Dr. Light has planned the whole time.
Then comes a new picture up on the screen, which shows a conversation between two professors. It shows how Dr. Asks Dr. Light. Wily to join him in his quest for world domination. Dr. Wily refuses, and says he has finished up with such nonsense.
Dr. Wily, by contrast, created their own robots to stop Dr. Light, but has not money enough to finish them, and therefore ask the world's population to donate money to him for him to do so.
A steady stream of phone calls overwhelmed the lab, and everyone complains about the damned Dr. Light. Mega Man realizes that he must go to the bottom of this to clear his friend's name. He goes off with a simple warning from Dr. Light which reads, "CAUTION: You have not done this in a while."
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Mega Man:
Mega Man is back to once again save the world. But this time he stands before his toughest challenge yet when he had to whitewash his dear friend Dr. Lights name. And although Dr. Wily does not seem to have any connection to the incident, he must still be on their guard, then you never know what the evil professor may have in the back pocket.

Proto Man:
Proto Man will return to assist Mega Man, but this time it's serious. Previously, he has only been the guardian of his brother and jumped in to help when it really has the crisis, but this time he is having from the outset. He is stone sure Dr. Light is innocent and will do everything he can to prove it.

Dr. Thomas Light:
Dr. Light has for some inexplicable reason been put behind bars, where the television pictures from none other than Dr. Wily appeared that Dr. Light is planning to going to take over the world. Dr. Light itself is equally shocked, and hope that Mega Man can prove to everyone that he is innocent.

Mega Man's twin sister role is as usual at his side when she needed. She is waiting in the lab that Mega Man should bring back Dr. Light unharmed, and in the meantime, she will provide Mega Man with the necessary objects.

As usual, there are Mega Man's K9-dog Rush at his side when approaching seriousness. Rush has the ability to transform his body into new forms to assist Mega Man in difficult situations.

Eddie is back and as always, he will show up here and there to give Mega Man the necessary objects in the crisis began.

Beatrice is also, he returned to assist Mega Man. He may be small in size, but what he lacks in size he gives back in strength. He will attack anyone who gives himself to Mega Man and he will not stop until they left.

Auto is another of Dr. Lights house robots and he is waiting in the lab that Mega Man will bring back the good professor. He is always available for advice on what Mega Man should do when there are difficult situations.

Dr. Albert Wily:
Dr. Wily is back, but this time it does not seem like it here, he is the mastermind behind the attack. Instead, it has, through television pictures from Dr. Wily himself, revealed that there is Dr. Light behind it all. On the television pictures you can see how Dr. Light tries to persuade Dr. Wily to go with him, something that Dr. Wily refusing to do when he has to with such nonsense.

Galaxy Man

Mega Buster

Black Hole Bomb

Jewel Man

Black Hole Bomb

Jewel Satellite

Plug Man

Jewel Satellite

Plug Ball

Tornado Man

Plug Ball

Tornado Blow

Magma Man

Tornado Blow

Magma Bazooka

Hornet Man

Magma Bazooka

Hornet Chaser

Splash Woman

Hornet Chaser

Laser Trident

Concrete Man

Laser Trident

Concrete Shot


Spike Shooters

Tornado Blow

Shark Submarine Tornado Blow, Laser Trident

Twin Devil

Black Hole Bomb

Wily Machine 9

Mega Buster

Wily Machine 9

Concrete Shot

Dr. Wily

Plug Ball


Special Mode Boss


Fake Man

Tornado Blow


Extra Life


Gives you an extra life.

Energy Tank


Restores all your life energy. You can have up to 9 pieces.

Mystery Tank


Restores all your life energy and weapon energy for all weapons.

Eddie Call


Lets you call up Eddie once per level to get random objects.

Beat Call


Beat is called automatically when you fall down a hole and lift you up out of the hole.

Energy Balancer


When you find a weapon energy capsule restored the energy weapon to the weapon that has the lowest weapon energy when you pick up the capsule.

Guard Power Up


When you activate this, you will take half as little damage to the rest of the level. It is active as long as you have lives and accessible.

Shock Guard


Mega Man can walk safely on tags without damage, but he will still hit.

Roll's Costume


When you purchase this role will be to change the outfit in the shop, and she will also have other clothes in the scenes at the end.

Book of Hairstyles


This is Mega Man fighting without his helmet. He will, however, take twice as much damage when he struck, and you get back your helmet when you die. This is only available when Mega Man has his helmet on.

Mega Man's Helmet


Mega Man obtains his helmet again. This is only available when you bought the Book of Hairstyles. You can get the helmet back for free if you die when you do not have it on.

Mega Buster:
Mega Buster will shoot out a small energy ball straight ahead. Anything that will meet injured.

Proto Buster:
Proto Buster will shoot out a small energy ball forward. It is weaker than the Mega Buster, but Proto Man can reflect enemy shots with his shield when he jumps.

Black Hole Bomb:
Black Hole Bomb will send a large dark ball straight ahead. You can check it by pressing up and down. When pressed again on the slider, it will stop and suck enemies that are nearby.

Jewel Satellite:
Jewel Satellite will send out four pieces collected around Mega Man. They will spin around and act as a shield. When pressed again on the slider, he will send them forward as an offensive weapon.

Plug Ball:
Plug Ball will send a small electrical ball straight ahead. It will creep along the ground and up and down walls.

Tornado Blow:
Tornado Blow will have several whirlwinds getting up on the screen. This weapon can be used to lift things.

Magma Bazooka:
Magma Bazooka will fire three small fireballs in different directions. That way you can meet more than an enemy or an enemy that is diagonally above and below you.

Hornet Chaser:
Hornet Chaser will send out a tiny wasp that seek out the nearest enemy and harm it. You can also use this weapon to pick down the objects you normally can not reach.

Laser Trident:
Laser Trident will send a shining trident straight ahead. Is capable of delivering much damage against enemies and can be used many times before it runs out.

Concrete Shot:
Concrete Shot will send out a small boulder that you can use to stand on. It is good to use if you are going to take you on a thorny floor. The blocks are also able to get stuck on walls or the like. You can also use it to damage enemies or to petrify stuff.
In the game there are 50 pieces of so-called "Challenges", or challenges as they say in Swedish. Each challenge requires you to do something to unlock them, for example, clear the game at some time or defeating a certain number of enemies, or the like. Some challenges are more demanding than others, but not impossible when there are tricks on how you can make it easier for you. Part of the following is a list of all 50 challenges, and some of them have a better description of how the simplest greatest possible way to cope with them.

1st Waltz:
Get your game on 120 minutes or less.

2nd Tango:
Clear the game on 90 minutes or less.

3rd Jitterbug:
Clear the game on 60 minutes or less.

4th Bust a Move:
Do not miss with the Mega Buster and clear the game. Do not be intimidated, it's actually easier than it sounds. To cope with this challenge, you must have 100% accuracy with the Mega Buster, which means that each shot you fire to hit an enemy, but you may miss how much any time with any other weapon you want. Start with Splash Woman's level, then it is relatively easy to cope with the Mega Buster. When you get Laser Trident, you should use it instead of the Mega Buster in the rest of the game. You can also use the Rush Coil to Mega Buster, then it counts as a special weapon.

5th Headbanging:
Defeat the 8 bosses without your helmet. Buy Book of Hairstyles in the shop so that Mega Man takes off his helmet. Defeat since the 8 Robot Masters as you do not have the helmet on you. What makes this difficult challenge is that you take twice as much damage if you hit when you do not have the helmet on you, and if you die, you will get back your helmet when you start again. You can do this challenge when you meet the 8 bosses in Wily's castle at the end of the game.

6th Bunny Hop:
Clear what level you want, but the jump is only 50 times or less. You must pass any level you want and defeat the Robot Master without jumping more than 50 times, and you can not do this at a level you've already passed by. You may go straight off the ledges, and you can use Rush to get over the areas where you usually have to jump. Splash Woman's level is a good choice for this challenge.

7th Trigger Happy:
Clear the game with more than 500 shots from the Mega Buster. You should get this when you can game the first time, unless you have something big against the Mega Buster.

8th Double Trouble:
Visit all stages twice and clear the game. With "all levels" refers to the 8 Robot Masters level, clear them and then go through them again.

9th Mr. Perfect:
Clear the game without being damaged. The best advice I can give here is a great success. If you need further assistance, I recommend YouTube.

10th Invincible:
Clear the game without dying. If you have passed the game a few times, you should cope with this if you really want. Make sure you have no Energy Tanks, Shock Guards and Beat Calls with you in to Dr.. Wily levels.

11th Almost Invincible:
Clear the game without using Continue. If you are picking on you so many lives and the Energy Tanks, Shock Guards and Beat Calls you should clear this.

12th No Coffee Break:
Clear the game without using any Energy or Mystery Tanks Tanks. Make sure to have many lives and you really know how to defeat bosses. Buying Guard Power Up can also be very helpful.

13th Air Shoes:
Clear the game without falling through any holes. You must really be a master of hope to cope with this. You may not use Beat Call, so strike that idea. You may see how many tags as you want.

14th Mega Diet:
Clear the game without picking up more than 8 life energy capsules. Remember that you can pick up the Energy Tanks, lives and, weapon energy capsules and Mystery Tanks, but you must absolutely not touch any life energy capsules throughout the game. This is because when you meet Robot Masters a second time at the end of the game you have to pick up a life energy capsule to take you out of the room.

15th Encore:
Clear 4 levels where you use the same special weapon. You will simply take you through four of the Robot Masters level where you use a special weapon, and you must also defeat the Robot Master himself with the weapon. Laser Trident is preferred, but you can also "cheat" you to this if you use Rush Coil and Rush Jet.

16th Peace Keeper:
Clear the game by defeating enemies as few as possible. You will definitely not kill a single enemy throughout the game, but enemies as bosses send out is fine to kill. Make sure you have Beat Call, and Shock Guard to deal with this.

17th Conservationist:
Clear the game by using as little energy as possible weapons. You will encounter areas where you more or less have to use a special weapon, such as to destroy an object, but beyond that you should simply stick to the Mega Buster.

18th Farewell to Arms:
Clear 4 levels without using a special weapon. You may not use this until you have passed the game, which can make you believe that you have not done it correctly. Do not worry, clear 4 out of Robot Masters level and defeat the Robot Master himself with only Mega Buster and you will get this.

19th Gamer's Day:
Clear the game 5 times in 1 day. You have 24 hours to clear the game 5 times. Remember that you can set the clock on your console just in case you would not do it. Moreover, to defeat Dr.. Wily all you need to do. You do not need to restart the game from the start to take this.

20th Daily Dose:
Clear the game once a day for 3 days. Dr. Klara. Wily once a day for three days. You can tinker with the clock to take it.

21st Whomp Wily!:
Clear the game once.

22nd Truly Addicted!:
Clear the game 10 times.

23rd Truly Hardcore!:
Clear the game 30 times.

24th Conqueror:
Defeat 100 enemies.

25th Vanquish:
Defeat 500 enemies.

26th Destroyer:
Defeat 1000 enemies.

27th World Warrior:
Defeat every type of enemy. It's harder than it sounds. You must defeat every type of enemy in the whole game, even those bosses or mini bosses send out. Some enemies require that you use a special weapon, so you simply have to revisit levels to get this.

28th Trusty Sidearm:
Defeat the 8 bosses with the Mega Buster. Remember that you can do this in wily castle, too.

29th Pack Rat:
Collect 999 screws. You must have 999 screws in order to get this, it does not count that you had 999 pieces in total throughout the game after you spent them in the store.

30th Valued Customer:
Buy all the items in the store. Buy everything you can buy in the shop being kept walking. Remember that when you buy the Book of Hairstyles so replacing it by Mega Man's Helmet, which you also have to buy.

31st Shop a Holic:
Buy 30 items or more in the store. It does not matter what you buy, just you buy 30 items or more.

32nd Last Man Standing:
Defeat all bosses with a pixel life energy left. When you defeat every one of the bosses in the game, you must have a pixel life energy left. Remember, you only need to do it once in the 8 Robot Masters, as if you have passed them once with a pixel left so you do not need it nor do you meet them at the end again. It is extremely difficult to cope with this, but there are several tricks. With a little practice, you can manipulate the bosses to deliver very specific injury.

33rd Survivor:
Defeat a boss with only one pixel life energy left. The easiest way to meet this challenge is to Splash Woman or the first stage of Wily Machine 9.

34th Hard Rock:
Reach a boss room without getting hurt. Do this on either Splash Woman, Galaxy Man and Tornado Man's level. You may not falling through a hole.

35th Heavy Metal:
Reach a boss room without delay. Do this on Tornado Man's level, or a different level, but no mini-boss.

36th Speed Metal:
Reach a boss room without stopping even once. It's easier than it sounds. You may be stationary or hanging still on a ladder, so long as you press any direction on the control cross (or joystick) on the control.

37th Fantastic 9:
Make sure to have 9 lives. All you need to do is make sure you have 9 lives. It is possible to buy the lives and in the shop.

38th Fully unloaded:
Meet a boss with all special weapons before you defeat it. You can not do this until you have defeated all the Robot Masters, which is quite logical. Take the opportunity when you meet them for the second time at the end instead, suggested to the Galaxy Man.

39th Blue Bomber:
Clear a boss without getting hit. Hornet Man is fairly easy to avoid with the Magma Bazooka.

40th Eco Fighter:
Defeat a boss with only the Mega Buster. You start the course with only the Mega Buster, so you should get this when you defeat your first boss.

41st Marathon Fight:
Fight a boss in 10 minutes. Do this as a suggestion to the Shark Submarine at the other Dr. Wily level. Use Jewel Satellite on the first part of the boss and wait for 10 minutes.

42nd Quick Draw G:
Defeat Galaxy Man under 10 seconds or less. He is actually the only Robot Masters that you may have problems with this as he spends much time in the air.

43rd Quick Draw C:
Defeat Concrete Man in 10 seconds or less.

44th Quick Draw S:
Defeat Splash Woman in 10 seconds or less.

45th Quick Draw H:
Defeat Hornet Man in 10 seconds or less.

46th Quick Draw J:
Defeat Jewel Man in 10 seconds or less.

47th Quick Draw P:
Defeat Plug Man in 10 seconds or less.

48th Quick Draw T:
Defeat Tornado Man in 10 seconds or less.

49th Quick Draw M:
Defeat Magma Man in 10 seconds or less.

50th Quick Draw X:
Defeat the final boss in 180 seconds or less. As long as you have a lot of weapon energy and Dr.. Wily movement pattern, you should clear this in 3 minutes. Save time by using the Hornet Chaser and Magma Bazooka in the third phase.
If you have the Xbox 360 version of the game, you will be able to unlock the so-called "Achievements by facing some of the challenges that exist in the game. Here is a list of what you need done.

Clear the game on 60 minutes or less.

Clear the game without dying.

Almost Invincible:
Clear the game without using Continue.

No Coffee Break:
Clear the game without using any Energy or Mystery Tanks Tank.

Clear the game by defeating enemies as few as possible.

Clear the game by using as little energy as possible weapons.

Gamer's Day:
Clear the game 5 times in 1 day.

Whomp Wily!:
Clear the game once.

Defeat 1000 enemies.

World Warrior:
Defeat every type of enemy.

Trusty Sidearm:
Defeat the 8 bosses with the Mega Buster.
Mystery Tank Trick:
If you have a Mystery Tank and use it when you have full health points and all weapons are weapons full of energy, all enemies on screen turn into lives and. This does not work on bosses and mini bosses.

Mega Man's Helmet:
In the shop there is an object called the Book of Hairstyles that you can buy. If you purchase the Mega Man will be fighting without his helmet on. You pay for taking off his helmet on Mega Man. When he did not have his helmet on, he will take twice as much damage when he struck. Once you have bought the Book of Hairstyles will be replaced by Mega Man's Helmet in the store, and vice versa. If you buy it, the Mega Man to get his helmet back. You pay to get back his helmet. If you die when you do not have the helmet on, you'll get it back for free.
When Dr. Wily is defeated, a part falls from his ship and Wily runs off. Mega Man picks up the part and follows him. (As an aside, the room they go to has a screen showing schematics for Bass, very similar to the screen in Power Fighters. Yet the press release for this game says it takes place after Mega Man 8, so Bass certainly exists already...)

At any rate, Dr. Wily begs for forgiveness, and Mega Man calls Rush and tells Wily, “I want you to see where you went wrong!” He then proceeds to show Wily projected images of all of Wily’s major defeats in the past. (If you’ve ever complained, teasingly, that you haven’t seen Wily beg enough, this game certainly makes up for it!) What’s really clever about these scenes is they show Mega Man using the “proper” weapon against Wily, based on what colors he is. (The ninth image is from Mega Man & Bass.)

At any rate, Wily admits his defeat and informs Mega Man that he used police robots to capture Dr. Light under the pretense of arresting him. Dr. Wily claims that Dr. Light fell ill and needs to be taken to the hospital. He then leads Mega Man to a cell guarded by police robots with the captive scientist lying inside.

As Mega Man moves to free Dr. Light, Proto Man teleports in and warns him that it’s a trap, that the Dr. Light inside the cage is the robot that Wily built to create that fake video from all the way back at the beginning of the game. But Mega Man says he has to check and make sure either way. So Proto Man leaves him to it, and when Mega Man goes over to the bars of the cage, the fake Dr. Light starts sparking and zaps Mega Man flat.

Wily gloats that Mega Man will be destroyed along with his castle. Personally, I think dropping a castle on his head is a somewhat expensive way to finish him off, but hey, whatever. Wily and his police robots leave. On the floor, Mega Man lifts his head for a moment and comments, “I’m glad it wasn’t Dr. Light, but that poor robot...” (This fits his character but totally contradicts earlier plot points in the game where Mega Man seemed fine with Robot Masters being scrapped...)

Mega Man goes thud, alarms blare, and Proto Man reappears, commenting, “Looks like I have to save you...again.” He then teleports the two of them out.

Interestingly, this game does not actually show Wily’s castle blowing up from the outside like most games; instead, it cuts directly to the epilogue (Dr. Light was cleared of all charges, but Dr. Wily escaped and disappeared), then goes to the credits.

The credits sequence is worth watching because it contains images of the various Robot Masters (apparently they were rebuilt) along with Dr. Light, Mega Man, Roll, Auto, and the rest of the gang.