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Japanese Name System Year Information
Mega Man Battle Network Rockman EXE 2001 Characters

Mega Man Battle Network 2 Rockman EXE 2 2002
Mega Man Battle Network 3 Rockman EXE 3 2003
Mega Man Battle Network 4 Rockman EXE 4 2004
Mega Man Battle Network 5 Rockman EXE 5 2005 Toys
Mega Man Battle Network 6 Rockman EXE 6 2006
Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge Rockman Battle Chip Grand Prix 2004 Anime Episodes
Mega Man Network Transmission Rockman EXE Transmission 2003
Mega Man Star Force Ryusei no Rockman 2007 Timeline

Mega Man Star Force 2 Ryusei no Rockman 2 2008
Mega Man Star Force 3 Ryusei no Rockman 3 2009
In a parallel universe from the Mega Man Series in the year 200X, the internet has become integrated with every piece of electronic equipment in existence (from TVs to ovens), and people carry around hand-held devices known as a Personal Exploration Terminal (PET). These devices act as phones, pagers, instant messengers, news beams, and hacking devices all rolled into one. Additionally they are able to be customized with a “NetNavi” or a human-like personality that can be anything the owner desires.

A fifth-grader named Lan Hikari(光熱斗, Netto Hikari in Japan) has a NetNavi named Mega Man.EXE (Rockman.EXE), a virus-fighting blue-suited cyber personality who is also Lan’s best friend. Although Mega Man.EXE has no body (unless the PET device itself counts), he can wander around in Cyberspace and explore computer systems as if they were alternate worlds. Together Lan and Mega Man.EXE (also known as just Mega Man) cooperate to fight off hackers and viruses.

Mega Man Star Force is a series of games set about two-hundred years after the Mega Man Battle Network Series, in the 220X time period. The series takes place in the same parallel universe as the Battle Network Series takes place in. The main character, Geo Stelar, son of an missing astronaut, reluctantly joins forces with an alien Omega-Xis, to spoil evil plots, led by Omega-Xis' own kind and many other enemies, as he tries to find out what really happened to his dad, and ultimately change his depressing lifestyle. Coincidentally, the result of Geo Stelar's EM Wave Change with Omega-Xis (fusing together much like Mega Man.EXE's Synchro Chip) forms Mega Man, hero of the past. Currently, there are three installments to the series, and it is speculated that it will continue, but unlikely, putted in a hiatus.
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