Here is an information page for Mega Man Powered Up.
Release Date:
Japan: 2006
USA: 2006
Europe: 2006
Playstation Portable

Game Specs:
Mega Man Powered Up is a remake of the very first Mega Man game that was released. The game is on PSP and everything that the original version did have a proper makeover. Mega Man and all the other characters look more or less like children, and in addition to this, Capcom has pushed in a whole bunch of new features.
The most notable is that you can build your own levels and send it out on the network to let other players around the world benefit from it. In addition, you can play as all the bosses, and Roll, Proto Man also.


The year is 200X. The two professors named Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily has succeeded after much hard to understand on how to build a fully functional humanoid robot that can perform specific everyday work. Together they manage to create a model for such a robot, and uses it to create eight brand new robots, which are all programmed to perform predefined tasks.
The robots will direct a success, and this leads to the Dr.. Light may receive the Nobel Prize for their efforts. Robots can help people in their everyday work and ensures that they will not burden themselves. But since only Dr. Light did receive the Nobel Prize, it is also he who must take all the credit for the work, which Dr.. Wily refuses to accept.
With time beginning to Dr. Wily becoming greedier and even more envious of his colleague, because he believes that he has just as much of the work that Dr.. Light. He also believes that he is smarter than his friend, and soon he decides to do something about it.
Dr. Wily steals the eight robots and program them to take over the world, and it will not be long before the world may experience what Dr.. Wily is in the offing. Dr. Light is obviously shocked by the whole thing and understand that something must be done, but the question is what.
Rock, one of Dr. Lights robots who refused to be reprogrammed, offers himself voluntarily to stop Dr. Wily plans. Reluctantly doing Dr. Light on the Rock to a combat engineer who can match the eight robots, both in strength, intelligence and speed. Rock takes on the name of Mega Man and go out for that one goes for all put an end to Dr.. Wily crazy antics.
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