Here you can find detailed description about every character from the Mega Man series.


ProtomanProtoman -  the brother of Mega Man. Like his brother he enjoys practicing his fighting techniques, and saving the day.


RollRoll - the sister of Mega Man, though even in the classic series some people like to think of her as Mega Man's girl friend. She's a house cleaning robot for Dr. light, and often helps Mega Man, and Proto man know about the weaknesses of stages, and how to get through them. What ever you do you don't want to get this girl mad.


RushRush - Mega Man's robotic k9. he helps Mega Man the time, by helping him reach high places, and much more. He's robot's best friend.


Dr. LightDr. Light - The creator, and father of Mega Man and Protoman, and of course the other robots that Light creates.