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Here you can find detailed description about every character from the Mega Man Star Force series.


Geo StelarGeo Stelar, is the main protagonist of the series. After fusing with Omega-Xis in the Japanese version, he is referred to by the name Mega Man.

A genial but a bit lonely fifth-grade student, Geo mourns the disappearance of his father that occurred three years prior, and has neglected school as a result. After being confronted by his classmates who pester him to return to school, he heads to an observing platform where he discovers the fugitive FM-ian (later revealed to be an "AM-ian" who had survived the AM Planet's destruction) Omega-Xis by donning the Visualizer glasses left to him by his father, which allow him to view the EM Wave World. Omega-Xis, having stolen the mysterious Andromeda Key from the FM King, claims to have knowledge of the boy's missing parent. The two are able to merge together, and Geo uses this new found power to protect his friends and others from the invading FM-ians. At first Omega-xis is put off by this because the feelings Geo feels are foreign to him. Omega-xis has a personal agenda of protecting the Andromeda Key, but as that runs side by side with protecting the Earth, he slowly begins to care for the planet as well as care about Geo. MegamanAided by Sonia Strumm and Lyra, they combat the forces of the FMian king, Cepheus. It seems that Geo has some romantic interest in Sonia, as he usually gets very flustered when Omega-Xis teases him about having a crush on her and also he blushed when she asked him out.