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Here you'll find various rumors about Mega Man that have been floating around.

Mega Man X7 for the Game Boy Advance:
As far as I can tell, this is a complete screw-up on some store's part, which listed this in their "upcoming releases" catalog and started a firestorm. There is no information about such a game on any of Capcom's websites, even their Japanese one (Mega Man games come out in Japanese before they come out in English). And there is not likely to be a port of Mega Man X7 for the Game Boy Advance considering the original is for the PlayStation 2 (and it's in 3-D for crying out loud).

Mega Man 9:
This is a misnomer promoted mostly by the Rom crowd who decided to arbitrarily peg Rockman & Forte (which at the time didn't have an English name) as "Mega Man 9". Needless to say Mega Man 9 does not yet exist. Some people have asked if there is a Mega Man 9 in development, and thus far the answer is no, not to my knowledge.

Mega Man Extreme:
It's called "Xtreme". Capcom spelled funny (maybe they thought it will sound cool). You won't see it written like that on MegaManAyla.

Mega Man Neo:
Mega Man Legends. This was the original title everyone used back when Legends was little more than a rumor. The name is now obsolete; however you may still see it floating around on archived websites and such.
Note: I'm told there's also a fan game named "Rockman NEO" which has nothing to do with the Mega Man Legends, but may also be causing some confusion.

Mega Man V for the Game Boy Color:
It was posted in Nintendo Power that this game (which currently is a Super Game Boy game, which is slightly different than a Game Boy Color game) was going to be upgraded for Game Boy Color but apparently the project never saw the light of day. (Either that or the info was just plain wrong, which is not uncommon with gaming magazines.)

Rockman 7 for NES:
This is a hoax. Someone somewhere edited a copy of Rockman 6 to display "Rockman 7" on the title screen. This was then distributed around the Internet as a Rom. This game is not real; it is merely a Rom hack.